Amazing response to my request for bids on FlexStrip LEDs. We had over 100 companies respond to initial request through Global Sources. Here is the final RFQ that I am posting so all companies can have a fair chance to bid. Please do not reply if you do not meet all requirements.

Request for quote modified Sept 24 in response to questions received from bidders.

Please reply to:   Subject: LED strips

First order will be samples to verify, then 90 or more reels (full cartons) per order

Each reel: 5 meter of flexstrip Warm white SMD5050 LEDS either 56 or 60 LEDs per meter (see below)
Waterproof not needed, indoor application – IP20 is OK, or IP65 if not more than $0.50 to $1 additional per meter
Width 10mm or 12 mm wide strips with 3M adhesive backing. Height 2-3mm is not important.
120 degree viewing angle, smooth illumination curve, no hot spots or color variation with angle.
Input voltage 24V
SMD5050 LED Warm White (3000K-4000K)  long life high brightness please specify brand and model number
Which company is applying phosphor and doing chip packaging? Yours or another – specify if not your company.
Specify nominal and maximum operating current per SMD package.
Specify range of forward voltage at given nominal current: e.g. 2.95V – 3.2V
Specify maximum operating temperature for >50,000 hours life at 70% or better remaining brightness. >45C
Specify total light in lumens per LED and lumens per meter initial and after 1000 hours
Specify brightness in mcd at 1 meter 0 degrees and 1 meter 45deg minimum, more angle data welcome
(If you have different grades of LED brightness you may submit multiple options and prices)

Samples may be 60 LED per meter  with 6 LED in series standard product (cut at 100mm)
Final order to be 56 LED per meter (8 strings of 7 LEDs each)  Cut unit length 125mm

Please price per meter for quantity 100 and 500 meter (or appropriate price breaks)
Also state sample price and shipping costs

Please note:
If you have Lighting Facts data and certification, or are working towards this goal it will be considered a good reason to work with your company on this and future projects.

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  1. Flexstrip LEDs GPTS, LLC: Great article, this is one of my favourite subjects and close to my heart. LOL. I like keeping up to date on all things new so I will be bookmarking this site. Keep up the good work!

  2. Cornelia says:

    Never seen a beettr post! ICOCBW

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