Why do they call it offline? You are getting power off the power line? I would think this would be on-line.

Anyway, the problem is ow to get good efficiency, power factor,and low cost in a driver that can take as input 90VAC-300VAC so it will work world wide, and output DC power, current controlled, voltage limited, able to withstand transients, overheating etc.

As with any design, what started out as a big box of parts is heading towards a single chips solution, with some passives (LRC) around it. So how few and how small are the passive components in your design? Minimize inductors first, they are the most expensive. How small can you get a 5-20W supply? It needs to fit in a lamp base until we get the last hundred years of Edison fixtures replaced.

Oh, and what about dimming? Does your PS-CC solution allow for triac controlled dimming? ¬†Those triacs are nasty to power factor, but I have an answer! Send me an e-mail if you are interested. — ¬†gavin at this site.

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